Tile installation at Cougar Ridge

CRinstallation5I keep wanting to rearrange the tiles.  All 640 of them.  And 192 filler tiles.  That’s 832 tiles on 8 boards, 3′ x 5′ each.

CRinstallationBig thanks to the many volunteers who helped us install the tiles on the boards.

Next step will be grouting and then the boards will be framed.

It brings so much color to a gray hallway, which now has become a beautiful gathering place as parents and children walk to and from the playground.  They stop and look at the tiles.  I hope they will continue to look closely and discover not only their own tile, but the beauty of all the children’s patterns in nature.

For more about our process, see here and here and here

The Flock Moves on to the Audubon Center at Seward Park

Photo (2)Plumage at Gallery 4500 was a great success!  What a nice mix of artistic styles and media, all celebrating birds.  The show comes down May 9, so go see it if you haven’t yet.

songbirdNext, the flock moves on to the Seward Park Audubon Center May 13 – June 14.

I will be showing new work!

Hope you can come to the Artist Reception June 6, 6 – 9pm


Artwork title: “Songbird”

Mixed media on wood

22″ x 24.5″